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Boulder Buster

The boulder buster is a non-detonating rock breaking tool utilizing propellant technology. A pressure impulse is generated in the tool by a cartridge filled with propellant. The pressure impulse is directed via a barrel into a incompressible fluid column (water or gel) placed in a pre-drilled hole in the rock.

The Success of the system results from specific propellant technology used. The unique characteristics of the propellant and cartridge design results in a rapidly developing pressure wave. This impulse pressure (transmitted from the fluid column) starts the propagation of the fractures in the direction of stress concentrations and the nearest free rock face.

The Darda Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitter, Boulder Buster or Expansive Mortar is our choice and your safe alterative from blasting. These methods are often used where blasting isn’t practical or hazardous. Splitting means controlled splitting as this method eliminates shock waves and vibrations. Darda Hydraulic rock and concrete splitters have been used with great success in over 80 countries for the past 4 decades for rock excavation and concrete demolition.

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