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Hydraulic Rock Splitting

Rock Surgeons specialize in non-explosive rock and concrete splitting. Our choices are the Darda Hydraulic Rock Splitter, Expansive Mortar and Boulder Buster Tool. We offer many rock and concrete breaking solutions. From a simple drilled hole in a landscape boulder for a water fountain, splitting rocks, bedrock, and concrete splitting of solid footings, stairs and more. Hydraulic Splitting generates, no vibrations, no shock wave and no fly rock that can damage nearby structures.

The Darda Hydraulic Splitter is a powerful tool, which exerts tremendous power separating rock and concrete into manageable sections for easy removal. When your heavy machinery has hammered the rock all it can and blasting isn't an option. This is when the Hydraulic Splitter works best, easily completing your project. Now you have a new safe option in rock and concrete removal.

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